How to Champagne Celebration Cocktail

Watch the video, scroll down for ingredients and shopping list !

Champagne Celebration Cocktail.

Step 1.
Colour the sugar with rose pink food colouring.

Step 2.
Rim the glass with lime and dip in sugar & sprinkle shimmer powder (prepare the garnish for the flower).

Step 3.
Prepare rose petal garnish, sprinkle with edible shimmer.

Step 4.
Add Appletiser (or your favourite choice of Sparkling) & dash of pink lemonade for colour.

Step 5.
Add a drop of rose water.

Step 6.
Garnish and serve the Champagne Celebration Cocktail.


  • 1 X Bottle Of Appletiser Juice Sparkling
  • 1 X Queen Rose Water Flavouring
  • 1 X Queen Pink Food Colouring
  • Half a Cup of Sugar
  • 1 x Bunch of roses
  • 1 x Twinkle Shimmer Powder ( cake decoration, deserts and ice cream)
  • 1x Schweppes Pink Lemonade
  • Royal Doulton Promises Cocktail Glasses 2 Pack Was $170 Now $49.95